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   Dogs have been a big part of our lives.  Growing up in Ireland in the 50's, the Jack Russell Terrier was always a part of the family.  There was never a time when we did not have at least two or three "Jacks," as well as working farm dogs, a hound or two and a bird dog.  My first recollection of hunting was with the Jack Russell.  As we moved the stacks of grain from the field we hunted for the rats.  We were always insured a lot of action, and as I got older got to join in the "real stuff" The Fox Hunt.  In these hunts the little Jack Russell got to show his stuff when the chase was over.  I have many precious memories of those days.

   After moving to the United States, we came to Maine in 1964.  Coonhounds became a big part of my life. During that time I had bred and raised many Show, Grand Show, Nite, and Grand Nite Champions.   I was elected to serve as President of The Maine Treehound Association for three terms, during which time was instrumental in getting some laws changed that helped the houndsman.

   After an injury forced me to give up the coonhounds and hunting, we were without a dog for months.  My wife, Kathy and I decided to look for a Jack Russell.  After much searching, we found nothing like the dogs that we raised in Ireland.  They didn't look or act like our dogs.  The dogs we were accustomed to had shorter legs, longer backs and were about ten inches tall.  The dogs we were finding had long legs, short backs and were taller than a big Beagle.  They looked alot like what we called a Show Fox Terrier back in Ireland, which differed from a hunting "go to ground terrier."  The Jack Russells in Ireland were known for their great temperment, intelligence and  bonding with a family.  They had complete freedom around the farm and we had no fear of them running away or killing farm animals or fowl.  I have found that these traits have little to do with training but alot to do with breeding.  Serious breeders do not breed dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs and people.

   Our search took us back to Ireland.  After contacting some of the breeders and after two years of searching we had 5 unrelated Jacks for breeding.  We have bred theses dogs with great success of which I can't take the credit.  Credit goes to the breeders who have faithfully bred for quality down thru the years.  These dogs have been a joy to own and possess all the desirable traits of the English Jack Russell.  Please feel free to contact us anytime for complete references on our puppies.

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